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Up: Skulpture and paintings of Lotte Kjoeller in Pakhuset, Nykobing Sealand 2015

Left: Lotte Kjoellers skulpture and paintings in Cobraroom near Sophienholm 2016

About Skulptor Lotte Kjoeller

My name is Lotte Kjoeller. I was born in 1966 in Denmark. I work in Copenhagen, Denmark. I am a sculptor, author, photographer, visual artist and illustrator. I write, illustrate, paint, draw, teach, make sculpture and lecture. My creativity is great, and I'm curious and creative in many areas. I'm a visual artist and almoast autodidact as a sculptor.

However, I have received instruction from Svend Wiig Hansen's student Tove Elmquist. I am Bjørn Nørgaards arthistic daugther from 2021. I have been a member of the Association of BKF, Fine Arts Artists for many years, as well as the DF, Danish Authors Association as an illustrator since 2002, and as poet since 2009.

I made my first sculpture in 1995. My Sculptures are always created in the dualism between the artist and the living model - the nude. They are expressions of "the dumb conversation" between the artist and her muse. The sculptures are all modeled directly after a living person, usually in strong stonecutters with chamotte or white porcelain clay, then roasted, and sometimes glazed (or glazed with icing according to their own recipe). The sculptures are quite hardy and do not break easily. I model my sculptures from the basic form of the clay, and let the clay, which is a living, organic material, even decide exactly how the result will be. It's not always, I'm glassing my sculptures, when burned laughs as clean, food and rough flat are also beautiful. I combine different materials like stone and clay, thus achieving a combination of the different types of surfaces. I like to mix a sculpture of stonecutters with a base of stone or granite. It gives a good contrast between the soft clay and the hard rock as seen below.

In 2019, I cast my first bronze sculpture which succeeded pretty well. I look forward to making more.


sculptures that attract attention. Click on the image and get to the page.


Some sculptures are glazed with plain stoneware glass like "The Bathing" above. Some are glazed with icing according to your own recipe like the picture on this side of "Gordon". This personal recipe has been used for many sculptures after 2001, where patina resembles brass or bronze. Some sculptures are modeled in porcelain clear (which I have begun in recent times) and glazed according to your own recipe with a glaze that is very similar to metal. It gives them a more glossy surface in a golden tone that most resembles brass.


I also model bust after living model. It is portraits in clay and it is a big challenge to capture a person's "character" in the clay form. It is a big job. A bust can use about 30 kg of clay so it is heavy and the task is difficult. But managed it achieve a beautiful result from what you can enjoy for many years. Below you can see a bust I've made, so you can judge yourself.

Artistic inspiration for sculptures

I have always thought that it is something special when a sculptor draws. The way he draws all the way around the object. And, as an artist, I think that shaping three-dimensional sculptures also helps me paint better and draw better as a visual artist. It helps me / force me to think three-dimensional and all around the object, and not just two-dimensional. As a visual artist you become "used to" a flat surface. The sculptures force your brain to think three-dimensional and all around the sculpture / image. "And it also helps in the paintings, which will then be more three-dimensional than they were before. And that theory has actually come to take place in my art ...

Some sculptures are inspired by the existence of our faith or of the human urge. Our ancestor's used the nude as a symbol all the time op to our day. The fat woman as a symbol of fertility and the strong man as a symbol of strength, probably never goes out of fashion. It is one of the foundations of our co-existent layer of symbols.


In fact, my sculptures have been so much noticed that I am mentioned with 5 sculptures in Ane & Annimi Holst-Schmidt's reference book "Danish Ceramics" and are mentioned in the Kunstavisen where it was written that they "... More sculptures, The "Think" in burned clay with chamotte, 47 x 21 x 17 cm, expresses a significant sense of sense combined with thought. "Quote: Lise Lotte Blom 2008 (The Think is seen below).

Do you want to exhibit my sculptures?

My sculptures are often used as a supplement to, for example, my paintings at an exhibition or an ornament. But they can easily fill an exhibition alone. My stoneware sculptures are between 15 cm and 60 cm tall and cost between 1000 and 14 000 kr. My paintings are almost always acrylic on canvas in size from 20x20 cm to 1.2x1.5 m, and the price is from approx. 1500 to 40,000 DKK by size. The lithographs cost between 800 and 4000 DKK depending on size, number and how many printed colors. Drawings cost framed approx. 3000 kr. I am framing my works with a silver frame or wooden frame, unless there is no frame for the work at all.

I exhibit in galleries, art associations and other exhibitions evenly distributed throughout the year. If you would like to exhibit my art, feel free to contact me to arrange time, place and details. For art associations, I will exhibit in return for a purchase of min. DKK 4000 per mrd. If the exhibition venue is far from Copenhagen, we must negotiate the transport. It's a good idea to be in good time when I exhibit all year, and are planning a long time. Galleries, art associations and other interested parties are welcome to contact telephone, mail or letter. My address is at the bottom of this page.

Would you like to buy a sculpture or piece of art from my website?

It is possible to buy a work of art directly from the website. Feel free to contact me via email if you would like further information in the form of a work ex. title, size and price. If it is not possible for you to come to Copenhagen personally to see and download the artpiece or the sculpture, I can send the drawing, sculpture or painting to you - if you pay the costs. You pay me beforehand and once I have received the money, I send the work of art carefully with the postal service (if possible) or another secure shipping option.

Would you like to be invited to my exhibitions in the future?

Everyone who has subscribed to my newsletter on the footer will be invited to Open House - and all other art exhibitions - I conduct. If you want to follow my course, it is therefore advisable to sign up for my newsletter. You can do that by entering your email at the bottom of the website's footer.

Contakt info

I work in Copenhagen. My workshop is called Ateliér and is open by appointment. I also keep "Open House" once in a while, where you are welcome to look past. I accept both galleries, art associations, companies, private etc. - my studio is open to everyone - and with its 50 m2 it can accommodate some. Should you be interested in additional information or would you like to visit my workshop (where there are of course many more than the works shown here), please contact me by email or by phone. I look forward to hear from you! The contact information is at the bottom of all my pages or leave a message here in the form.


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